Dying Light 2: Behind The Music

Video Editing and Music QA.

Dying Light 2: Behind The Music

December 2022

Worked alongside Dying Light 2’s composer and music designer Olivier Derivière to make a series of videos about the game’s music.

The goal was to explain how the music of the game was made, showcasing all the intricacies of its integration while still being accessible to people not from the industry.

It was the culmination of a 1-year internship during which I worked as a Music QA to help with debugging and fine-tuning the music systems of the game.

  • Tools:

    Adobe After Effects / Reaper / OBS

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In September 2021 I started a Music QA internship on Dying Light 2 alongside classmate Theodore Demirdache, joining Olivier Derivière studio in Paris and following the footsteps of previous interns Thomas Lanza and Mattéo Siscaro.

Dying Light 2 was my introduction to AAA games pipeline and massive Wwise sessions. I’ll forever be thankful to Olivier for this opportunity and for introducing me to new ways to conceptualize Interactive Music Design which happened to align pretty well with my own philosophy of intertwining music and visuals as much as possible.

As a Music QA my main tasks were to play and record the game alongside Wwise’s profiler, and report back with the correct flags whenever bugs/anomalies occurred during gameplay. I also did a lot of testing and adjustment of values for the Parkour Music System to help Olivier and his assistant Maxime Gautier fine-tune its behavior.

Following the release of Dying Light 2, Olivier wanted to make a series of videos showcasing the work that was made for the music of the game and I was glad I could help him in this process to bring quality content to the community of game-audio enthusiasts and our fellow composers & interactive music designers.

Some screenshots of the After Effects Session.

The biggest challenge for me throughout this project was to find ways to convey technical/map information using visuals to double down on what Olivier had to say, the 3rd episode about Narration took quite some time because of the Generic/Specific system and how it was applied throughout the world for example.

Something I underestimated thought is the time it can take to find a good rhythm/flow for such educative videos, recording the correct clips and editing them in a way that makes sense and doesn’t distract from the subject can take a while (special mention for the final clip of the Parkour video that took some time before getting right).

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