reARK 6.73

reARK is a custom Reaper skin based on Reaper’s Default 6.0 skin architecture. It uses the original WALTER and image sizes. 1080p & hiDPI (100/150/200%).
Affinity Designer was used for its creation. You can find the template I made on the ‘Template Page’ below.

22/01/2023: reARK 6.73a public release with 1080p/hiDPI support.

– 1080p/hiDPI support
– Overhauled MCP, TCP, EnvCP, Transport, Items, Piano Roll, Colormap, and Table.
– Few WALTER adjustments for Meters and colors (noted as “reARKMOD” on .rtconfig)

27/01/2023: reARK 6.73b 

– Added 150% support.
– Fixed dpi_translate for colored faders.
– Added support for TCP FX/Sends on the left/right sides.
– Minor color adjustments (sends/offline fx).

Current Work In Progress

– reARK’s Affinity Designer Template 
– Toolbars
– White Theme variation

Known issues

– MCP Folders borders are broken due to some Walter changes I did to the VU meters.
– At 150% the TCP solo button has a background issue (_ol files) that I couldn’t resolve.

I started using Reaper in March 2019, on version 5.972. Since then, I’ve been through many skins, my favorites have been b0se’s Smooth 6, Mordi’s FL Studio Theme, albertxxxx’s Pro X-TOOLS Gold ED. V3 and Blankfiles’s iLogic just to cite a few.

With reARK I wanted to have something that mixed many of the great ideas from previous skins designers while having full compatibility with Reaper Default 6.0 since I didn’t want to mess around with WALTER and I wanted it to be future-proof for Reaper’s updates.

I’m forever thankful for Mordi’s FL Studio Theme and its Template since it introduced me to Affinity Designer and sparked this whole skinning journey, with the focus slowly switching from making the skin to making an Affinity Designer template available for Reaper 6.0.

I hope you’ll like this skin, and if you do or even if you don’t, maybe you can help me improve it and make variations for it now that I’ve released the Affinity Designer Template.
It’s a huge behemoth that contains all of Reaper’s Theming images, with many globals colors and symbols that I’m still working on to simplify the skinning process for 1080/4K.

More screenshots and features

Some 4K Screenshots

Colored Faders

You can use the colored faders for the Mixer by right-clicking on a Track and selecting a Track Layout for the Mixer Panel.

The recommended workflow is to use the SWS Extension “Autocolor/Icon/Layout” to assign the colored fader layout automatically to important tracks and folders.

TCP FX / Sends – Rightside / Leftside

Added this feature to have FX on Left or Right side of the TCP  (if “Show FX inserts on TCP ” is enabled) instead of below it.

Piano Roll / Table / TCP / Media Items