Scoring and Sound Design

Karmine Corp x Orange

January 2022

It was a privilege to provide the scoring and sound design for a video announcing Orange as the new sponsor for Karmine Corp.

This collaborative endeavor was made even more enjoyable by working alongside Loïc Goraguer, who handled the visual aspects.

Despite the tight timeline, the audio component of the project was successfully completed within an expedited span of three days.

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I sought a tone that embodied strength and resolution. The initial concept drew inspiration from a powerful bassline reminiscent of Valorant’s soundtrack or even the Psyops theme from the League of Legends skin line.

#Process Video → Bassline & Tech

The bassline was crafted through layered use of u-He Diva, each layer receiving unique spatialization treatment and extensive automation. The kicks and majority of the additional synths were created with u-He Zebra, occasionally subjected to render, reverse, and cut in various ways to make it more organic. The low to midrange vocal tones are a product of Zebra’s synth, while I contributed my own voice for the higher/more ‘exhale’ tones.

#Process Video → Orchestral Ascension

In terms of composition, I aimed for a piece that could conclude on a VI VII i progression, avoiding an overly triumphant major I, considering the challenging journey to the worlds. The transition from a dark/tech textures to orchestral instruments surprisingly complements the uplifting nature of the ascension phase. Additional choirs were integrated to further emphasize the ‘epic’ challenge.

Final Soundtrack