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Orch Reverse Engineering → Kanascene

I’m captivated by simple compositions that solely utilize a string ensemble. Reproducing these arrangements is a valuable exercise, particularly considering the significant effort involved in production and managing virtual instruments.

Trying to reproduce a Japanese Orchestra with Cinematic Studio Strings.

Here is the original soundtrack from Sawano Hiroyuki. It’s a 3min54 strings piece, with a classical feel.

The first step to reproduce the piece was to get the main instruments and timing right. Starting with the violin as our leading voice.

I attempted to get as close as possible using Cinematic Studio Strings, but the ensemble is slightly larger than what was used in Aldnoah Zero’s soundtrack. They used a Japanese studio orchestra (Muroya Strings), which is likely half the size of what I’m currently using.

One method I discovered to compensate for this is to use solo strings alongside the ensemble. This gives the sound more definition.

Some more work on the Cello to get all the notes and timing right…

It’s getting there but it still feels a bit stiff. I used a convolution reverb alongside an algorithmic one to get the sound I wanted. Which consists of an MCO5 IR (Studio Room) with differents mics placements and some FabFilter Pro-R.

Here’s the final result:

The colors may differ from the original, but I believe the production quality is on point for the intro. It sounds a bit more powerful, less intimate, likely due to the larger size of the libraries compared to a traditional Japanese orchestra.

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